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podman on macOS

  • on macOS
    • get VM: curl -L --output virt.tar.gz$(uname -m).tar.gz && tar xf virt.tar.gz
    • run VM: ./virt
  • in VM
    • ./ (1st time: install and reboot VM)
    • ./ (2nd time: print setup for macOS, e.g. export CONTAINER_HOST=tcp://
    • to test: podman run --rm -it
  • on macOS
    • brew install podman
    • export CONTAINER_HOST=tcp:// (see above)
    • to test: podman run --rm -it
  • current limitations:
    • on arm64 after reboot only one cpu is used, use poweroff and start again with ./virt instead
    • no file sharing, maybe try nfs:
      • on macOS: mkdir /private/tmp/virt && sudo sh -c 'echo "/private/tmp/virt" >> /etc/exports && nfsd update'
      • in VM: mkdir -p /tmp/virt && mount -t nfs -o ro,vers=3,proto=tcp,nolock /tmp/virt
    • probably many moreā€¦